The Liptov Region

The Liptov Lodge is located in the northern part of Slovakia, only 5 km via South from the closest town Liptovský Mikuláš. The Liptov region is surrounded by the highest mountains in Slovakia: High Tatras, West Tatras and Chočské vrchy from the north, Low Tatras from the south and Greater Fatra from the west. The longest Slovak river of Váh runs through Liptov and fills the important water reservoir of Liptovská Mara. There are two Slovak national parks with the highest level of protection in the territory of Liptov, they are the Tatra National Park and the Low Tatras National Park. Please see GETTING HERE for you to start planning your trip.
In the Liptov area there are many all year round activities to choose from - please see details under ACTIVITIES. The area is best known for the mountain Chopok with the largest, most developed and most popular skiing and snowboarding resort in Slovakia. There are also the Demänovské caves located just underneath Chopok itself and the above mentioned water reservoir of Liptovská Mara.

About the Liptov Lodge

The Liptov Lodge has been built on the land where originally there was a 1930` L-shaped family house with a woodshed, a stall and a large barn, built for the purpose of raising farm animals, such as horses, cows, geese and chickens.
In 2015 it was bought by Ida (Slovak) and Andy (Irish) with the sole goal of creating a relaxing, fun place to hang out while soaking up the activities of the Liptov region. The demolition and construction process started in spring 2016 which was an epic solo mission for the first few weeks. The traditional stone masonry with reclaimed brick quoins is one of a kind for this area of Slovakia. Constructed with energy saving blocks, high density external insulation and triple glazed oak windows and doors, the Liptov Lodge is super energy efficient meaning its kind to the environment. The construction process is being staged over 3 phases spread over 3 years. Completion of phase 1 and 2 (the Lodge and Cabin) is expected in December 2017. Phase 3 (complete renovation of the family house) will be completed by December 2018.
The Lodge is ideally located just 2 minutes drive away from the busy main road to Jasná, in the secluded village of Bodice. Steeped in history, the village of Bodice originated around 1283.
Combined with the stylishness and coziness of the Liptov Lodge and the Irish & Slovak hospitality of the hosts, it is the perfect getaway to enjoy your holidays any time of the year.

The photos of the original family house with outer buildings before the reconstruction.